Caernarfon Castle to hold Armistice Day event

To honour the thousands of soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the First World War, Caernarfon Castle will be hosting a special Armistice Day event just a short distance from our North Wales caravan parks. ‘The Faces of WWI’ project is the latest event being staged by the Royal Welsh Fusiliers Museum and aims to convey the extent of the losses suffered by just one regiment during the war.The names, as well as some photographs of nearly 11,000 Royal Welsh Fusiliers who lost their lives during WWI, will be shown on a large screen on the town’s Maes on November 11th. The projection will be accompanied by the Band of the Queen’s Division, providing moving music for this special event. The organisers of the event are hoping that it will touch on families to send in their own photographs of relatives who lost their lives, with the museum development manager, Shirley Williams, saying: “The names of those who fell are marked on war memorials in towns and villages across Wales, but we think this event will help to bring the boys together to show the horror inflicted on just one regiment. “We are hoping that this project will add to the collection of photographs we’ve been compiling of the soldiers who died, which we are displaying at the museum on the centenary of each man’s death. Currently, we have gathered together, for the first time, around 16% of the photos of those who never came home.” Before adding: “We would dearly love to bring all the boys back together again in pictures if at all possible – and perhaps project their faces on the walls of Caernarfon Castle in 2018 to mark the centenary of the end of the War.” There will be tasty food served up by the British Army’s Gurkha catering division, as well as another chance to view the castles ‘Weeping Window’ poppy display. Cllr Eric Jones added: “We have been commemorating some of the big battles of the war recently – Mametz Wood and the Somme where such a large numbers of Fusiliers lost their lives, which makes this particularly poignant this year.” The event will begin at 4pm on the town’s Maes. Other articles you may also want to read:The holidays are coming to North Wales this NovemberNorth Wales has been voted the 4th best region in the world to visit