North Wales chocolatier sets new world record

A chocolatier has set a new world record at the Hamper Llangollen Food Festival this past Saturday, just a short distance from our holiday parks in north Wales.Jo Edwards, who owns Aballu, is an artisan chocolatier in Rossett who became the fastest truffle roller in the world on Saturday, beating out TV chef Gino D’Acampo’s previous record of 47 truffles in 2 minutes by making 49 to take the world record. Jo commented that the chocolate used for the world record was a lot stickier than what she’s used to using, but she didn’t let that deter her saying: “It was a fantastic experience and the number of people in the audience was amazing, they really got behind me. I also had family who travelled from Manchester and South Wales to support me. The Hamper Llangollen food festival has been brilliant and very, very busy; I’ve had a wonderful time introducing visitors to my artisan chocolate products.” For lovers of chocolate (who isn’t?) they can visit her award winning shop in Rossett where you can see the chocolates being made, take part in lessons and listen to informative talks about all things chocolate. The new world record was one of the highlights of the food festival which now is widely recognised as one of the best food events in the whole of the UK, attracting thousands of food lovers every year. Collin Loughlin, the chairman of Hamper Llangollen said: “It’s been brilliant and we are really pleased. This is our 19th year and the festival is clearly now a very well established and extremely popular event on the calendar of food lovers across North Wales and beyond.I’m delighted we continue to attract the very best exhibitors and suppliers to the festival and which helps brings so many visitors to then town.” Make sure when you stay at one of our holiday parks in north Wales you take advantage of the fantastic local culinary delights that are all around the area. Other articles you may also want to read:Delicious all you can eat buffets in north WalesThe best places for spotting autumnal birds in north Wales

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