The places for spotting autumn birds in North Wales

You won’t be the only ones traveling to North Wales for your autumn and winter holidays, as thousands of birds come to North Wales near our holiday parks to stay for the colder months. You can see choughs, starlings, grebes and more at nature reserves and conservation areas.Spinnies Nature Reserve The Spinnies Nature Reserve in Snowdonia is one of the best places to enjoy seeing egrets and kingfishers. Set in a small woodland, a series of ponds and a lagoon provide shelter and food for the bird who have made their home there. RSPB Conwy If you are looking for one of nature’s most spectacular shows, the hundreds of thousands of starlings forming moving clouds in the early evening sky at RSPB Conwy is the place to go. There are as many as 350,000 birds in a murmuration, the sunset performance the starlings put on every night is definitely a sight not to miss. Glan y Môr Elias If you go for a stroll along the beach at Llanfairfechan you will come to the saltmarsh of Glan y Môr Elias, which is almost like a luxury hotel for roosting seabirds. Paths run through the marsh, where you can see a whole host of seabirds from oystercatchers, wigeon, pintail, godwit, greenshank, little egret, firecrest, and goldcrest. Gronant Sand Dunes The best-preserved sand dunes on the North Wales coast, the strip of dunes, marsh, shingle and beach which stretches to from Prestatyn to the Point of Ayr is home to over 100,000 waders and 20,000 waterfowl during the autumn and winter months. RSPB Point of Ayr High tide is the best time to visit the Point of Ayr when the rising waters give you a closer look at the birds. In addition to the migrant seabirds, geese, and waders, you could also spot some amazing birds of prey such as peregrine, merlin or hen harrier, whose passing in search for food causes quite the commotion. Traeth Lafan The great crested grebe is a fine looking bird, with spiky head feathers and bright orange head, which it loves to show off in the breeding season. The vast network of mudflats and tidal sands at Traeth Lafan is the perfect place for Britain’s largest population of grebes to spend the colder months. It is not just the winter months you can see stunning wildlife in North Wales, and by investing in our holiday homes for sale, North Wales could become a place to holiday year on year and each visit you can discover something new and exciting about this wonderful part of Wales. Photo by JJ Harrison

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