You might see a meteor shower appear over North Wales this month

If you are staying at our North Wales caravan parks this month, take a look at the night sky, and you could see a number of meteor showers occurring this month. The meteor showers, named as Draconid, Taurids and Orionids occur due to debris from Halley’s Comet coming into contact with our atmosphere every October. All the showers will offer the possibility of bright meteors. Although Halley’s Comet becomes visible from Earth every 75 years – the next time will be 2061! – the debris the comet leaves behind still causes impressive meteor showers, which can be seen at certain times of the year from Earth. The Draconid meteor show will take place on the 8th October, the Taurid on the 10th, and the Orionid shower should occur on the 20th October. You still might be able to see the showers up until November 7th. Clear skies will be needed to see the showers, as well as finding a spot away from light, so it does not pollute your view. Up to 20 meteors or shooting stars could be seen every hour. The meteors, or ‘shooting stars’ are caused by the result of small particles, sometimes as small as a grain of sand, entering Earth’s upper atmosphere at 130,000mph and lighting up the night sky as fast-moving streaks of light. The Orionid shower will be easiest to spot from our North Wales caravan parks, as the shower comes from the direction of the constellation Orion the Hunter, hence the name Orionid. However, the shower can be seen from all directions as they appear in all parts of the sky.Remember to wrap up warm when you head out to see the stars and give it about one-hour viewing time as the meteors can come in spurts. Photo by: Trevor Bexon

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