Why North Wales is the Best Place for a Family Holiday Home

A place set in natural beauty can be an essential respite for all the family and the perfect base to make fond family memories.  You could start by looking at our holiday homes for sale, North Wales as this is a great place to begin your search. With plenty of things to do outdoors, North Wales is the perfect place to help maintain your families physical and mental well-being.

There are several benefits to spending your quality family time outside. Inevitably outdoor activities involve some form of physical activity so can help everyone maintain a healthy body.  From playing family games on the beaches, taking a family bike ride or walking around Snowdonia there is plenty to keep your family healthy. Emotional health is also important to keep healthy. Living and working in fast paced environments can often be draining on adults, so your home away from home, can allow you to free your mind from the stress and demands of life.

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In terms of your child’s wellbeing, discovering the great outdoors early can be essential to a child’s mental development. Nature provides children with an engaging sensory experience with new and exciting sights, sounds, smells and textures. Children can also discover their sense of imagination by playing outdoors, so why not make playtime creative and make up a new game the whole family can get involved in? Playing games or setting challenges can get your family working together and improve cooperation and connections amongst family members. Through group play children learn how to share, problem solve and work with others, as well as have lots of fun!

There are plenty of great places in North Wales that can be your playground, including The Great Orme. Or why not be kings and queens at the great range of National Trust castles and grounds in North Wales? Try taking one of the many walking routes around North Wales to develop your child’s sense of adventure and mental development by learning all about the nature that resides here or navigating a map. Activities like these can help your children discover the wonder of nature, which will result in your child valuing the environment and growing up to be more environmentally conscious adults.

It is essential to encourage the love of nature early on in a child’s life as previous studies have found that if a child does not form a connection with nature before the age of 12, they are less likely to in later life. If you have children that are older,and want to try something a bit more energetic, look into white water rafting at Snowdonia. This activity allows you to boost your child’s confidence and see the sense of achievement beaming from their smiles once they have completed the route. With plenty of holiday homes in North Wales your family can start your fun-filled adventures today!