Daredevil woman walks the Great Orme in an unusual way

The Great Orme is an impressive limestone headland that boasts some great walks and views. The Great Orme is situated in Llandudno, a popular seaside town that many tourists who visit our holiday parks in North Wales love to visit.  Great Orme, North Wales,One woman decided she would walk along The Great Orme, but not in the usual way. The unidentified woman decided she would walk along the cliffs, several feet above the water below, on a tightrope. She was spotted by a walker on the 18th September at around 3:30pm cautiously walking along the rope that was secured to two opposite cliff-sides.

Nikki was impressed by the woman, as she added: “The rope was hundreds of feet across, and the woman managed to get across almost all the way, but it was hard to watch when she started struggling the last metres as it was on a slope… She was amazingly gutsy, and it was an incredible sight to see”. The woman and stunt remain a mystery, but it is thought she was skilled at tightrope walking with Nikki commenting: “Although she wasn’t wearing a helmet, she was attached to the rope and seemed to know what she was doing.” We recommend that anyone wanting to try tightrope walking does this in a safe and controlled environment and walk The Great Orme the usual and relaxing way! Image credit: George Tod, Available under Creative Commons.

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