A study of Risso’s dolphins takes place of the coast of North Wales.

The region of North Wales has a lot on offer in the way of nature as it consists of an extensive variety of habitats, which are home to many different types of wildlife. Visitors to the area are able to see wild land mammals, such as hedgehogs and otters as well as attempting to spot some marine wildlife off the beautiful coastline the country has to offer. Those lucky enough could even spot Seals, Whales and Dolphins. Wildlife is an important part of the environment and culture of Wales and it is important to Natural Resources Wales to monitor and protect all different species possible. They have recently began working with The Whale and Dolphin Conservation to monitor the feeding habits and social interaction of Risso’s Dolphins, which will provide valuable information to organisations as very little is known about this species to date. The Dolphins can be spotted off the coast around Bardsey Island, which is one of the only spots in Britain that they can be seen so close to land. These dolphins usually prefer deeper water so it is rather rare for them to be seen so easily in shallow water, which illustrates the importance of this recent study. It is possibly the perfect holiday spot for wildlife lovers, with many idyllic walks along the coast of North Wales. Caravan parks are dotted all around the region making accommodation decisions easy for all visitors. In addition to Bardsey Island, there are countless areas for dolphin spotting including the hot-spot of Cardigan Bay. This is home to the United Kingdom’s largest resident population of wild bottlenose dolphins, so why not enjoy a boat trip in the bay to spot some of these beautiful creatures? Image: dougwoods

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