Traditional Welsh food to try on your visit

Exploring a new place is not always about the walks and trails or the site-seeing; exploration is also about new experiences and trying the local cuisine is something that every adventurous holidaymaker wants to do. Recently a handful of North Wales restaurants were recognised by the Good Food Guide for their tasty food. North Wales traditional welsh food and drink near North Wales Caravan ParksWales is known for living off the glorious land, a tradition that stems back to the ancient Celts. The Welsh cuisine is historically wholesome and hearty. Dishes consist of a few simple, quality ingredients that are designed to fill big appetites. The traditional welsh dishes were originally created to feed the hungry farmer, quarry workers, coal miners and fisherman who worked up an appetite.   Your traditional morning breakfast includes bacon, eggs, laverbread and cockles. A strong breakfast choice to keep you going throughout your day of activities. Wales is traditionally known for its lamb, that is farmed on the valleys and mountains that cover the region. Cattle farmers produce some of the best beef from the Welsh black cattle.  Surrounded by beautiful coastline, Wales can offer you fresh fish including mussels and oysters. Other culinary delights include the famous laverbread, edible Seaweed or commonly known as ‘Welshman’s caviar’. The farming land of Wales also produce a glorious array of oats, barley, wheat and vegetables, inclusive of the famous Welsh leek, that produce some of Wales traditional recipes. The leek is a staple of traditional Welsh dishes and this can be found in culinary classics such as the Glamorgan Sausage to beautiful broths, known in Wales as ‘cawl’. This broth staple was traditionally eaten daily by the Welsh as it contained a huge majority of produce and goodness from the land. Cawls would vary seasonally, regionally and by how the chef was taught to make them, meaning that every cawl is a different and unique experience.   After dinner why not satisfy your sweet tooth with traditional welsh cakes. If you’re more a cheese and crackers sort of person, why not try the award-winning varieties in Wales. Famous cheese options include Caerphilly, Tintern and Y Fenni, as well as Black Bomber and Perl Las. If you’re a huge lover of cheese why not try Welsh rarebit, a mouth-watering supper consisting of a savoury cheese sauce melting onto or served next to a thick, fresh slice of Welsh bread.Pour this all down with Welsh beer with many small and independent options available. Or try a local cider or wine. There is plenty of new food and drink experiences to try on your visit to our North Wales caravan parks.

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