North Wales photographer captures astonishing shot of a Great White Shark

A photographer from North Wales has captured some stunning images of a Great White Shark leaping out of the water – but don’t worry, these images where shot in South Africa, nowhere near our North Wales’ beaches! Photographer Dan Callister managed to capture an amazing photo of a Great White Shark leaping out the sea, while also eating a seal.  Dan, who is from Ruthin near our North Wales holiday parks, had become interested in ‘Seal Island’ in South Africa which is home to 64,000 Cape Fur seals, which also attracts lots of predators.  Dan said, “The younger seals are less experienced and have a higher blubber content, making them a favourite of the sharks. The seals obviously need to leave the island to feed. This is when they are susceptible to ambush from a white shark, usually during first light. “To try and photograph this hunting behaviour, you have to patiently track the seals either coming to or leaving the island. It’s not an easy task to do especially in heavy seas.  “If an ambush happens, it could be on any seal in the group. You just don’t know until the shark breaches the surface. A full breach lasts less than a second. It’s not a forgiving task, especially if the shark jumps the wrong way or if you are on a tea break. “To actually capture a predation sequence is a feeling of accomplishment but you can’t but feel for the little guy that didn’t make it.” Dan has been across the world with his photography, and been doing it for over 10 years, and you can check out his photos of the shark on his website. Make sure you bring along your camera to your holiday at our North Wales holiday parks, and try to see if you can capture some shots of the local wildlife – as well as all the other great holiday snaps! Photo by: Elias Levy

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