Celebrate World Photo Day with these top ten tips for taking holiday snaps

Today marks 177 years of photography, amazing right? So we are celebrating World Photo Day with these ten top tips for taking the perfect snaps whilst on your holiday this summer. Why not take a look at our static caravans for sale, North Wales? You’ll be able to take some incredible photographs in all the surrounding areas and make your holiday one to remember! Woman taking a photograph of the static caravans for sale in North Wales

  1. Chose a central focus, and then move it out of the center of your image. This may sound a little odd, but to create an aesthetically pleasing image, it is better to have the focus off center.
  2. Always take the photograph in full colour, you can edit them later if you wish. Although a black and white photo can be simply stunning, you may regret snapping the original in monotone, give yourself the options of capturing the vibrant colours found all over North Wales, we think that nature really deserves to be kept in colour!
  3. Go old fashioned, if you really love taking photographs, why not experiment with different mediums? There have been some fantastic polaroid camera options released in the last few years, proving an easily accessible and instant treat! This adds an extra special element to your images that you will treasure forever.
  4. Photo a day – this is best to be captured on a polaroid camera or a disposable one. The limited number of images you have available means that you will really think about what the image you wish to remember the day by is. It gives you a pressurised situation which can often bring out the best in your skills. You can then make this into a collage or scrapbook as a memento of your holiday!
  5. On the opposite end of the spectrum, when playing around with a digital camera or a smart phone, there is never enough photos. Take as many as you like, you can narrow them down to your favourites at a later date, but the more you take the better chance you have of achieving that postcard-perfect shot!
  6. Experiment with depth, try taking some photographs up close – using the macro setting if available – and some further away. Wildlife, flowers and delicate detailing looks magnificent in close up shots, but remember not to get too close to any wildlife you don’t want to hurt them! Landscape shots and family photos can be equally amazing, but require a different approach. Why not try taking a panorama of one of the breath taking views you find on your trip?
  7. Pay attention to where the light is. For example, if you stand in front of the sun, you are likely to just be a silhouette in the picture – which can be a very creative option! If you stand opposite the sun, you may be squinting to see, but by standing with the sun to your side, this offers a very forgiving lighting that illuminates your features and makes for a beautiful shot.
  8. Plan ahead, make sure that you have a sufficient amount of batteries, charge, films, papers and memory cards for your photography device. There is nothing worse than finally finding that ultimate shot and finding out that the batteries have died. You don’t need to go too over the top on stocking up, just make sure you have a couple of spares to see you through!
  9. Family photos are a difficult thing to get right, having to position many people in one place at the same time without someone blinking just at the wrong second, but with the help of a selfie stick this can be much easier! Naturally, you don’t want anyone to be left out the shot because they have to take the photo, so a selfie stick proves a winning, all-inclusive option. They are relatively cheap and you can take brilliant photos with the ultimate ease!
  10. Have fun with photos, there’s no need to keep it all so serious. Between taking those picturesque shots, mess around a little and have some fun! Pull silly faces and jump around, put some excitement into the photo shoot and you’ll find it an incredibly rewarding activity!
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