Eva Longoria takes a trip to Wales to star in new BBC drama

We are all very excited here at Lyons Holiday Parks. Wales has welcomed a Hollywood star! Eva Longoria is currently taking a working holiday in Wales and everyone is ecstatic about the arrival of the Texan actress in our beautiful, little country! Several fans took to Twitter to announce their joy. Longoria visits Wales BBC Two Drama Black and White Photography Longoria is starring alongside cheeky chappy Jack Whitehall to film a three-part comedy drama for a BBC Two adaptation. Based on the classic title ‘Decline and Fall’ by Evelyn Waugh this adaption is based in the roaring 1920’s. The dynamic duo will be sure to create something you won’t want to miss!

Eva has even tried her hand at speaking Welsh to some of the locals.  She later posted on Snapchat, “You don’t have any vowels in the Welsh language!”. Keep at it Eva, you’ll get the hang of it! The filming schedule sees the duo filming in more than 70 locations around Wales. We wonder if they’ll be filming near any of our holiday parks? Wales has an array of beautiful scenery perfect for this three-part show and we can’t wait until it airs! Image credit: alien_artifact, Flickr.Image has been cropped. Available under Creative Commons.

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