Been looking for the sun this summer? It’s here in North Wales.

We’re happy to announce that summer is arriving in North Wales next week, with temperatures set to reach a glorious 30°C. Now is the perfect time to go on a family caravan holiday. North Wales is a beautiful place to soak in the sun, with several caravan parks dotted along the idyllic coastline.  Summer Sun on North Wales Beach for Family Caravan Holidays We can thank Spain for this lovely weather due to a ‘Spanish plume’ of warm air that has travelled from North Africa, across Southern Spain, and pushed its way towards the North West of Europe. Deputy Chief Operational Meteorologist Laura Paterson said: “Despite being a week ahead, temperatures of 30-32°C look more likely than not across some Southern parts of the UK…”The sun will begin to shine at the weekend and temperatures will begin to steadily rise. Head to the beautiful beaches to make the most of the sunshine this summer holiday. We recommend the award winning beach Prestatyn, which is located next to the Lyons Lido Beach resort, that boasts miles of golden sand. The kids are bound to enjoy paddling in the sea and decorating the beaches with sandcastles, while you relax in the sun. Just remember to pack your sun cream, as we are set to be experiencing the hottest day of the year! If you don’t fancy the sand between your toes, walk along the picturesque coastal paths to see the breathtaking views in their best light. There is a wide range of coastal paths to choose from.  How will you enjoy the sun in North Wales? Image credits: Edward Reynolds, FlickrAvailable under Creative Commons.