1.4 million opt for a UK staycation so they can bring along their furry friend

A recent survey showed staggering numbers of holiday-makers opting for a staycation so that they don’t have to leave their beloved dogs at home for the holidays! This year, an estimated 1.4 million people have opted for a UK staycation to keep their furry friends by their side. This figure makes up 8% of the overall 79% of people taking one of these great UK getaways this year, a number that has been on the rise for many years, with this year showing the best figures yet. This trend is here to stay! People often feel as if they are leaving a member of the family behind when taking off on vacation somewhere abroad without their pets. It can be a very difficult process to take a pet abroad, ensuring that they have the correct vaccinations, papers and safety precautions in place. However, with a staycation the hassle is taken away and you can ensure that everyone can get involved in the summer fun! This means you can rest, assured that you beloved pet is fully prepped for the trip and can enjoy it by your side. This also means that you don’t have to find a dog-sitter or kennels before your holiday, even less stress! The survey also revealed the most dog-loving areas, noting that 15% of people in the North East wanted to take a break with their dogs, with Scotland following closely behind at 10%. Are you thinking of heading out for a UK break this year? Why not take a look at our dog friendly caravan parks in Wales and ensure that all the family gets the best of the summer season!

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