Picnics keep you in good nick! Eating outdoors is a great way to stay healthy, expert claims

Dr Paul Innerd, a professional in clinical physiology at Sunderland University has recently claimed that going for something to eat outside is a great way to increase immunity levels as well as our general wellbeing.A bird’s eye view of a picnic near Lyons Holiday ParksDr Innerd has said that going out and enjoying simple pleasures, picnicking for example, gives our immunity and wellbeing a tidy leg up in life. Dr Innerd, who works as a clinical exercise physiologist at Sunderland University, said: “The research that I carry out is in a clinical environment with NHS patients – so I hear a lot about their lifestyles and diet. “Of all outdoor activities, eating outdoors is an activity that many of my patients report to be most relaxing. “In the UK we don’t always have the weather to pack a picnic and eat outside. It is really important to exploit any lovely days but bear in mind, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a sunny day to benefit.” Dr Innerd added: “If you make it a regular lifestyle choice this will reduce inflammation and increase your immunity.” This news is also good for children too, with Dr Innerd’s saying: “But the benefits for children of eating outdoors are really more important and more significant. “In a busy world, parents sometimes don’t spend enough time with their kids and this can mean that when they grow up, they might develop problems forming relationships and coping with the normal stresses of daily life. “That family picnic could be an ideal opportunity to spend some family bonding time and make a huge difference to the child’s development. “There is no television and people can appreciate their surroundings which promotes a feeling of wellbeing.” So the next time you’re staying at our Rhyl caravan parks, you know what to do!

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