What should Wales pick as the official national bird?

There’s a lot to be proud and excited about in Wales right now. Up and down the country people are enjoying what Wales has to offer, whether that be festivals, footballing displays at major tournaments, Wales dog friendly caravan breaks, or our amazing nature and wildlife. So at a time when there is so much to relish, there has been a call to review our nation’s national bird. Or should we…?Nine years ago, in 2007, there was an extensive poll produced by BBC Wales and RSPB Cymru, respectively, which eventually saw the Red Kite soaring out above the other birds to take the crown as Wales’ national bird. Additionally, this majestic bird is the emblem of the Welsh Ornithological Society, which makes many people think that we should possibly be making more of this brilliant bird. It wasn’t a long time ago (the late 1980s), that Wales was actually the single place in Britain that you could see a Red Kite in the wild. Due largely to successful reintroductions, these superb raptors have become increasingly widespread throughout England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as being seen on the North Wales coast, regularly. Now, however, people are beginning to consider other birds who they say may arguably have better merit for being the national bird of Wales. The Chough, for example, has been sounded out, since Wales is home to a substantial percentage of the breed’s population in Europe. Another candidate is the Manx Shearwater, due to the fact that 50% of the world’s population nests right here in Wales. You’ll no doubt know about the fact that in America, the Bald Eagle is very prevalent while in Wales things are slightly more subdued or the Red Kite. So, which bird do you consider as the best candidate for the nation’s national bird? Should we stick or twist? The Welsh government will let us know in due course, but for now, why not let us know on Facebook and Twitter?

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