Six sizzling summer BBQ tips

The summer is almost upon us and with that exciting news comes all the summery goodness associated with this popular time of year. We are of course talking about trip to the beach, being outdoors more, enjoying a nice cold beer or glass of wine with friends, stays at our North Wales holiday parks, and everyone’s favourite; barbeques! Burgers on a flame grill BBQ at Lyons Holiday Parks The last thing you want to do is not put on a good BBQ for your friends and family, so we’re here to ensure that doesn’t happen with our six sizzling summer BBQ tips: Oil up!First things first, before any cooking gets underway, you need to make sure your BBQ grill is clean and oiled nicely. This should be done after the cooking too and is very important. You’ll want to get the grill nice and hot beforehand as this will help to burn off any grimy stuff, then, grab your tongs, and rub them over with a kitchen towel that been lightly dipped in some light cooking oil. (These steps will mean your grill is hygiene-friendly, and you won’t get any annoying sticking situations!). Get in the zone Here’s the part when you want to have your BBQ set up to have two cooking zones. Why? Because then you can have one zone for direct searing over the flames, with the other cooler zone on hand for letting the meat cook through indirectly. Lovely! If you’re doing this with a charcoal grill, simply pile the coals off to one side.For all you gas grillers, make sure you keep the burners medium-high on one side and low-off in the other zone. Don’t rush Don’t get your barbecuing on in a rush! It’s just not worth it if you want to get the true experience! So, remember to have a bit of calmness and patience. The meat WILL get cooked, and it’ll be worth the wait, just let it do its thing and wait for the succulent juicy goodness. Take a step back Let the barbecue do its thing. By this we mean leaving out the squeeze, prodding and poking. Set your meat out on the grill and let it be. We know it’s tempting to touch it, but it’ll be better left to its own devices, in fact, you should only be flipping your meat once or twice through cooking. It’s a common sight to see the chef pressing burgers and other various meats down on the grill but this only serves to squeeze all the tasty juices out and also creates flare-ups, leading to charring. Hold the sauce! Keep your flavoursome sauces and tasty glazes until after the cooking has been done. This is because they contain a high level of sugar that you won’t be able to stop burning and turning bitter. Yuck! You don’t need to miss out on the sauce though, just cook your meat through and then apply the sauce or glaze at the latter stages of the cooking process which will allow it to create the sticky goodness over the indirect heat. Know when you’re done There’s nothing worse than biting into an undercooked burger. And at the same time, it’s equally as off-putting if you’re biting into an overcooked meat. It’s good practice to make sure you have an instant read thermometer. This will mean that you can use it to read the precise temperature of your cooking meat and removes the element of risk.