5 Welsh chocolate makers making World Chocolate Day even better!

Today (7th July) is the day the entire world gets together to celebrate and enjoy one of the most indulgent things known to mankind… chocolate! So what could be a better way to celebrate than to discover five of the best Welsh chocolatiers and the extraordinary products they have on offer for you to indulge in while staying at our Wales caravan parks? Check them out here and decide which one you’ll visit first…! A close up of two pieces of dark chocolate on a table at Lyons Holiday Parks

Cathryn Cariad Chocolates Haven’t heard of Cathryn Cariad Chocolates? Well, Cathryn makes her very own luxury, award-winning chocolates handmade on her farm found in Snowdonia. She uses only the finest quality chocolate and ingredients sourced from local Welsh producers, for that extra Welsh infusion! Cathryn certainly does some special things with her award-winning chocolate. Bars, truffles, salted caramels, and fudge, not to mention wedding favours and chocolate gift items which include individually designed chocolate stiletto shoes, chunky chocolate dragons and castles, and personalised chocolate champagne bottles, wine bottles and beer bottles will leave you in amazement at the skill and talent on show. Just to solidify her status as a quality chocolatier, Cathryn has received 15 gold Great Taste Awards, plus a True Taste of Wales Award, in the 5 years Cathryn has been in business to her name. Choco Dragon The team work of husband and wife duo, Peter and Joanne Lloyd, are the faces behind Choco Dragon, a family run business working out of Llanelli, Carmarthenshire. Choco Dragon places particular pride on its luxury handmade chocolates, and does so by producing chocolates for people, corporate gifts and selling to retailers’ wholesale. There is certainly no shortage of chocolate bars, hearts, animal-shaped chocolate, chocolate rugby balls, chocolate lollipops, chocolate shoes, chocolate love spoons, and all sorts of other creations to be admired and tasted. Oh and did we mention their chocolate boxes filled with, unsurprisingly, chocolate? We’ll leave it up to you to decide which to eat first! Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Company A successful family-run business with passionate owners Karen and Mark loving all things chocolate. The WWCC team bring to the table contemporary and somewhat eccentric hand-crafted chocolates. Essentially, the WWCC team say, ‘they just make great chocolate’, and it’s as simple as that. If you like to tuck in to a sweet treat then you would no doubt be expecting Wickedly Welsh to use high quality raw ingredients, and that’s exactly what they do. The twist in the tail is that they don’t just produce run of the mill chocolate, they have a range of intriguing flavours and tastes, and in doing so bring an element of mischievousness to their delightful creations. Based in Haverfordwest, in Pembrokeshire, West Wales you can’t get any more Welsh than these renowned chocolate ambassadors.

Chocolate Fusion Another success husband and wife team, this time with Chocolate Fusion’s founders Nick and Kitty who can be found in a small village by the name of Glynarthen in West Wales near Cardigan. Chocolate Fusion’s speciality for making the finest artisan handmade chocolates comes from using the best chocolate couvertures sourced from Belgium and France, respectively, and combining that with the freshest ingredients from local producers as well as some home grown produce. When these elements are brought together Chocolate Fusion produce unmistakable chocolates from their own recipe, each with their own individual design. You can get your hands on luxury chocolate truffles, pralines and solid chocolates including various chocolate bars/slabs from plain chocolate bars, origin chocolate bars, flavoured bars, fancy bars and lots more. And for the little ones they make children’s chocolates, as well as seasonal items. Heavenly Heavenly originally established in June of 2005 thanks to Paul and Tracey Kindred, and following 12 months of strenuous research in the ice cream and chocolate houses of Britain and Rome, they were ready to go. Both Paul and Tracey have a long love affair with the catering trade, and grew up in it. After seven happy and successful years working at a hotel they felt the time was right to expand. As well as offering up global chocolate brands, Heavenly also stock their own handmade chocolate which is made on the premises. And just to chuck a wild card in the mix, Heavenly offer ice cream that is simply not to be missed!