Top tips for taking your furry friend on holiday

Taking a family holiday is never quite complete when you have to leave one of your beloved members at home, however, they have needs whilst on holiday too, so here we have our top five tips for taking your furry friend away with you: Dog friendly caravan parks in North WalesTake a staycationThis means they don’t have to spend long sitting patiently in the car on a lengthy journey. Staycations mean that a holiday has substantially less hassle, not to mention the lower costs so why not bring your dog away for you on this year’s vacation. Here in North Wales we have so many fantastic walks for them to take, there is no near to venture much further afield for a fantastic holiday! Dog friendly?Check that your holiday residence is dog-friendly, although we like to think that everyone will be accepting of our pets, this is not always the case. However, we have dog friendly caravan parks in North Wales that will be perfect for all your needs. EssentialsMake a list of dog essentials, from food to toys, they need almost as many provisions as we do! Ensure that they have somewhere comfortable to sleep, plenty of food, treats and water, as well as a suitable lead and collar. These things will also help them to feel settled and happy, as long as encouraging them to be well behaved! Health checkMake a trip to the vets, it is important that your companion is well enough to travel, free from fleas and worms, as well as micro-chipped. You should also check that your details are up to date on the system before leaving just in-case anything was to happen! Settling inHelp your dog to settle, by taking them on a nice long walk help them find familiarity with their surroundings as soon as you arrive. This allows for you all to get to grip with your holiday destination, exploring what is on offer whilst making sure your four legged friend has a good leg stretch. Get involvedKeep them involved as much as possible, there wouldn’t be much point in taking your dog away with you if they weren’t to get involved. You want them to have as much fun as you, so try and plan activities beforehand, where they won’t be left behind and you can all enjoy the extra company on holiday!

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