8 Reasons to choose North Wales for your holiday

North Wales is a fantastic holiday destination no matter what you are looking for. So we have chosen just eight reasons of the many reasons why we think you should choose North Wales for your summer holiday this year! See the starry sky while on your Conwy camping holidaysAreas of Natural Outstanding BeautyCertain areas in North Wales boast Areas of Natural Outstanding Beauty including Anglesey, Gower and Wye Valley. Some of the most stunning sights can be seen whilst taking a holiday here. Wandering through the valleys will leave you mesmerised and help you to feel fully relaxed. FoodNorth Wales has a spectacular range of food festivals, Michelin star restaurants and other incredible eateries serving locally sourced foods. If you are a foodie it is certainly the place for you on your Conwy camping holiday. Wales also holds a variety of delights close to its heart as the creators of food feats such as the Welsh rarebit, bara brith and of course the Welsh cake! BeachesNow that we’re in the swing of summer the best place to be in the sunshine has to be at the beach. North Wales has an awful lot to offer in this category, and with such a variety of beaches comes the many activities available. You can try your hand at windsurfing, body boarding or other water sports at several beaches, such as Colwyn Bay. If that’s not really your cup of tea you can take a picnic to Lake Vyrnwy and enjoy the magical views. Trails and pathsWhether you want to explore the offerings of Wales by foot, bike, boat or car there is so many awe-inspiring paths to follow. Each one will give you a unique insight into the Welsh countryside. If you wanted to get away from the mundane madness of everyday life, coming to North Wales could be your escape. We certainly think it is difficult to feel stressed with so much natural beauty surrounding you.   WildlifeAlong the paths and trails is an abundance of wildlife, with rare animals such as the Scottish pine martens found re-building their families through a number of recovery projects, it is a delight to see how much the Welsh locals really care for their surroundings and all that comes with them! HistoryAnyone interested in history will definitely find North Wales to be suited to their taste. The home to over 400 castles through the years, around 100 still remain in Wales today. You can be sure that every corner you turn has another miraculous story to tell. Snowdonia823 miles of National Park makes up Snowdonia, the mountain and coastal area make this a must-see in Wales. An array of diverse landscapes allows the local wildlife and foliage to flourish in their nurturing environment. An ideal place to take a hike, the mountains can bring you a great sense of both victory and enjoyment on your holiday. Seeing the starsWales has to be one of the most beautiful places to watch the stars on a clear night in the UK. The vast countryside means that there is less light pollution to effect the twinkling sight of the night sky. If you are camping in North Wales this will possibly be the highlight of your trip, after watching the sun sink into the background, the serenity of the outdoors is just emphasised by the stillness of the sky, a truly perfect sight!

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