7 Reasons You Should Choose a Staycation Over a Holiday Overseas

The summer holidays are on the horizon, so you may well be looking at booking a holiday to begin the countdown to summer. Having such a great selection of holiday parks in North Wales, people may think we’re a little biased in regards to UK staycation Vs overseas holiday discussion. However, we’re going to stick to our experienced guns here, and offer up seven reasons why you should opt for a UK staycation over a break abroad.Beaches There’s absolutely no need for you to jet off to the Med or the Seychelles to get your fill of blissful beach experiences. North Wales has an abundance of local beaches close to our parks that are very popular with visitors far and wide! Food & Drink Who doesn’t love the now world renowned Welsh cake, or delicious Welsh rarebit? Wales is a haven for the foodie, and we’ve got plenty to offer visitors, from the fresh seafood caught daily on our shores, to amazing local produce that will have your tasty buds on cloud nine! We can’t not mention the award-winning beverages on offer either! What’s better than enjoying a local ale, or gin & tonic in the sun as you kick back in the luxury of one of our holiday parks? Pet-friendly More and more people want to enjoy a vacation without leaving a man (or dog) behind. That’s what one of the great things about a staycation is, all the family can come with you, including your pet! Having your pet with you means you can make some magical memories with every member of the family! No Passports, No Worries We all know how stressful flying abroad can be, especially if you’ve got a large family. However, this is reduced greatly by heading to a staycation destination. Forget about arriving at the airport to realise the passports are still in the drawer, and don’t fret about getting the best exchange rate for foreign currency too! No Luggage Allowance Just like the ol’ passport and currency scenario, the usual 15kg-20kg luggage allowance for flights is a major drawback, and then there’s those pesky fees if you exceed the allowance! Ouch! Push that to one side and pack away ‘til your hearts content when you’re heading for a staycation, the only limits are the ones you choose. Savings Galore One of the big appeals of a staycation over a holiday overseas is the cost. The savings you can benefit from by staying in the UK can be high, but you won’t be losing out on the good times either, there’s plenty to be had here in North Wales. Short Break Bliss Have you seen that the weather’s looking particularly good at the weekend? Fancy getting away for a relaxing break? Ideal! Enjoy a short holiday/long weekend and get your fill of down time with loved ones.

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