Snowdonia gin to launch this summer

The first gin to be made entirely of ingredients found in Snowdonia is to be launched this summer after a taste testing tour of North Wales. Flowers in Snowdonia forestThe last distillery in North Wales closed in 1900, and Snowdonia Distillery is one of the first to re-start the process in an incredible location. This has sparked an interest in producing more local beverages from spirits to craft beers. The new gin is called ‘Foragers’ and will retail for a very reasonable £36 a bottle, created by gin distiller Chris Marshall and his team. He said: “We wanted to create a spirit which would reflect the materials and botanicals available in Snowdonia.” Chris also wanted to get his children involved in the project, showing then the incredible produce found right on their doorstep. Children Lucy, 4 and Oliver, 6 helped their father to forage for berries and other materials that would later be used to create this unique gin. The only issue they found whilst foraging for ingredients was the sparsity of juniper berries, however they are looking in to growing a plantation in the hopes that this will help them to expand their venture. Chris says that he hopes that this is the start of something new; they would like to eventually begin creating bespoke gins for celebrations such as weddings, also be sourced solely from North Wales produce. He added: “We want to take our time over each batch, removing automatic production techniques and getting back to a handcrafted spirit that perfectly marries the Snowdonia waters with native botanicals.” Come and experience what North Wales has to offer, from handcrafted gin to the inspiring sights of Snowdonia on our holidays in North Wales! Image: Jeremey Atkinson under Creative Commons

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