How to get the most out of your summer getaway

With the summer season fast approaching we have 5 top tips on how to make the most out of this summer come rain or shine: Reading books on North Wales caravan holidaysGames for the kidsBefore heading off on your North Wales caravan holidays, why not prepare a range of games for the children? You could create a checklist of things for the kids to spot throughout the holiday from bugs to buildings. These can be embellished with pictures and fun facts to make it a little more interesting – and educational. This is particularly good for car journeys and little walks. Try something newYou probably have a good idea of what you enjoy whilst on holiday, however we always recommend trying something new on every trip you take. This could be stepping out of your comfort zone and trying a new food, or a testing yourself at a new activity such as watersports. You never know, maybe you’ll discover your new favourite hobby! Take a disposable cameraAs much as we all love the technological advances that mean our phones double as a camera, there is something special about traditional printed photographs. At a very reasonable price, these can be given to the kids as their holiday documentation device. This also eliminates the worry of them breaking an expensive piece of kit. These images can then be used to create a scrapbook or diary, (another fantastic summer project) all about their summer adventures. Back-up plansThe weather is often unpredictable and hard to plan for, so why not think up a bunch of activities that you can do when the weather is not quite what you were hoping for. We recommend looking for local tourist attractions such as museums or historic sites. Although, wet weather doesn’t always have to stop your adventures, just pack suitable wet weather clothing and be prepared that there is the potential to get a little muddy. You never know, maybe it will be even more fun in the rain! Take a bookThe vast variety of books available means that there is something suitable for everyone. The book is an absolute holiday staple; great for long journeys, rainy days and relaxing in the sunshine. Reading is an activity without restraints, so let yourself be immersed into the wonderful world created among the pages.

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