‘The White Lady of Prestatyn’ appears again

Prestatyn is one of many haunted locations to see on your North Wales holidays. Offering a particularly enchanting opportunity for a ghost sighting of Prestatyn’s very own ghost, ‘The White Lady of Prestatyn’. On the approach to the warmer season, the people of Prestatyn await the regular presence of ‘The White Lady’. She has often been seen on summers evenings throughout the last 30 years. These sightings have sometimes been so clear that residents have mistaken her for a real woman, looking lost as she wanders from Rhyl to Prestatyn. She is seen to wear a long flowing white dress and gown, often with a book between her hands that some say is a bible. Speculations following on from this say that the ‘White Lady’ may be a nun. These sightings reportedly last from a matter of seconds to up to 5 minutes and certainly leave a lasting impression on all who witness the mysterious woman. Local residents note that the lady is a friendly ghost. They have also pinpointed her as one of the greatest pleasures of living in Prestatyn. Will you be lucky enough to spot ‘The White Lady of Prestatyn’ on your adventure to North Wales? Image: Bob Able under Creative Commons

North Wales holiday destination Prestatyn Promenade

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