12 sizzling facts about barbecues to get you fired up for summer!

Did you know that May 25th marks the 19th annual celebration of National BBQ Week? In the words of the event organisers the celebration is a chance to enjoy ‘a whole week dedicated to gastro grillin’ and summer chillin’.’ A close up of a BBQ at Lyons' North Wales holiday parksThe good things about a barbecue is that no matter where you are, whether at our North Wales holiday parks, at the beach, in a park, or in the garden at home; you can still enjoy a good barbie! So in the spirit of things, and to get you suitably fired up for the exciting week ahead where we can all get involved with the barbecuing bonanza, here are a handful of interesting facts for you to digest:

  1. Barbecuing, along with at-home eating & entertaining is now seen as the number 1 summer home leisure activity in the UK.
  2. Two-in-three households now say they own a Barbecue grill!
  3. Up to three years ago, the UK boasted more than 125 million barbecues taking place!
  4. When our friends across the pond in American BBQ, what they are actually referring to is a way of cooking using a grill. The BBQ favourites in the States are burgers, chicken, steak, and hot dogs.
  5. Here in the UK more and more people are starting to experiment with their BBQ food, with many choosing to grill foods such as duck!
  6. In the UK, the average number of barbecues held per family in the summer months has increased significantly, from around 2.5 a decade ago, to more than nine now!
  7. On April 29th – the day Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot – there were 7.5 million BBQs fired up!
  8. Charcoal isn’t the top choice for fuelling barbecues after taking a nosedive to 38%, whereas gas has leapfrogged the fossil fuel, going up to 53%.
  9. There are many theories but no one is absolutely certain where the word barbecue originates from.
  10. The very first McDonalds was actually a barbecue restaurant.
  11. 33% of men and 32% of women go to around nine barbecues a year.
  12. A whopping 40,000 tonnes of charcoal is used every year to help fuel BBQ’s.
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