Six unusual facts you didn’t know about Welsh food and drink

It’s safe to say we’re pretty passionate about our food and drink here in Wales, and we have a number of quality producers located close to our North Wales caravan parks, and right across the country.  Cheese wheels are seen near our North Wales caravan parks With that in mind, we have taken a look at some facts you might not have known about the history of our produce. Welsh Guinness? When you think of Ireland, you almost certainly think of Guinness at the same time. But did you know the jewel of the Emerald Isle was in fact invented by the Welsh?! Well, that is the claim of some Welsh historians who believe Arthur Guinness stole the recipe from a pub in Llanfairfechan, having developed the taste for dark ale during visits to London where he used to drink porter. The building where the “Welsh Guinness” was brewed is still known by its original name Gwyn du, or “black wine”. Argentinian Welsh cake In 1865, a number of Welsh people set sail for Argentina and took their famous Welsh cake with them, which the locals took quite a liking to. If you visit Argentina’s Chubut province, you may stumble across a Welsh teahouse serving baba brith – or torta negra (black cake) as they call it in Spanish. Welsh caviar Laverbread is the original Welsh superfood, thanks to having a very high vitamin D content. Because of this, miners used to eat it as they spent long periods of time underground with littleto no exposure to the sun’s rays. The name “Welshman’s caviar” was actually given to laverbread by actor Richard Burton, and early historical records even found laver was eaten as a survival food by people fleeing from Viking invasions. Divide your estate “Caerphilly” Apologies for the “cheesy” joke, but did you know the cheese in Wales is so good, they were once used as part of divorce settlements? During the medieval period, cheeses were commonly soaked in brine. In the Laws of Hywel Dda (Welsh legal code) while the cheese was still in brine it belonged to the wife, but when it was out of the brine and ready to eat, it belonged to the husband! Changing the way we drink The Felinfoel Brewery in Llanelli was the first brewery outside of the US to sell beer in cans, which helped change the way we drink forever. The brewery was founded in 1835 and it became the first site in the UK to use beer cans in 1935. Crates of Felinfoel “tinnies” were then sent out to Welsh troops during the Second World War. United States of Aberystwyth…? There are fewer things more American than Jack Daniels whiskey, with our friends over the pond being rather proud of their famous export. But did you know that Joseph “Job” Daniels, grandfather of the famous Jack emigrated to American in the 18th century from Aberystwyth? His grandson’s invention is now enjoyed all over the world, which of course couldn’t be possible without our fair nation!