North Wales skies set for Halley’s Comet meteor shower light show tonight North

Keep your eyes to the sky! A spectacular meteor shower is set to illuminate the skies above our North Wales caravan holiday destinations, as planet Earth orbits through the tail of Halley’s Comet.What is known as the Eta Aquarid shower contains meteors that are recorded to be travelling at speeds reaching as fast as 148,000mph! The last time the comet came our way was some 30 years ago, in 1986, and experts have said that after this occurrence, it will not be visible for around another 46 years. Furthermore, we’re reliably informed that it appears North Wales could just be the ideal location for keen eyes to catch a sighting of the shooting stars, after NASA themselves suggested that the optimum views will come from places like the countryside, that have little light pollution from the city lights. The display will peak tonight and continue into the following morning. And for anyone looking to catch the best glimpses, be prepared for a late one, as NASA suggest the best time to see the shower is between 3am and 5am! You may recall that the last meteor shower to rain over North Wales was back in March, when Chris Cameron-Wilson captured a 32-second clip at 3am on March 17 of a fireball so bright it flashed with searing intensity and illuminated the ground before disappearing. It is believed the unusual spectacle was caused by magnesium in the meteor. Image: NASABlueshift under Creative Commons.

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