Endangered penguin chicks hatch at North Wales zoo

Three Humboldt penguin chicks, which are classed as an endangered species, have hatched at a North Wales zoo.  The Humboldt penguin breeds on the coast of Peru and Chile, but sadly numbers have declined in recent years, with only an estimated 7,000 to 10,000 left in the wild. The chicks Poncho, Wellington and Mack hatched at The Welsh Mountain Zoo in Conwy, just a short distance from our Wales caravan holiday parks. Keepers are saying they are growing up first, with little human intervention needed. Head keeper Michelle Pywell said, “We do not interfere. All we do is offer food to the parent in the burrow, who is incubating the eggs three times a day, and when the chick hatches we take a ‘hatch weight’ which is around 65-80 grams.” When the chicks are around two years old, they will head off to join a different collection where they will seek out their life partner, and help to increase the dwindling numbers of their species. The chicks will be able to be seen by visitors in the middle of June, so why not visit The Welsh Mountain Zoo and Poncho, Wellington and Mack on your next visit to one of our parks?  Image courtesy of Welsh Mountain Zoo, Colwyn Bay