The Great British seaside holiday is back in fashion

Coastal areas across the UK are set to welcome more visitors this summer, as more Brits plan to spend their summer holiday at a seaside location.  Deckchairs on a beach near our Prestatyn caravan breaks Recent research revealed that 58% of the 3000 people surveyed said that they will be heading to the coast on their next holiday. The same research also found that British holidaymakers will spend more than ever on their holidays this year, spending an average of £730 which will greatly boost the UK economy. When conducted in 2013, the same survey found that just 31% of people visited a seaside location, showing the rise in popularity of the coastal holidays. Appeal of the Staycation A staycation, otherwise known as holidaying at home, has risen in popularity over the past few years, as we aim to explore more of our home nation rather than jetting abroad. 67% of Brits are taking a staycation this year, with the average family taking a one-week holiday, with four short breaks throughout the rest of the year. A fifth of families are said to be taking a traditional two-week holiday, in order to enjoy the sights and attractions on offer. Nearly half of people surveyed said their holiday is one thing they refuse to cut back on, but taking a holiday at home offers great value for money, meaning they don’t have to compromise. Benefits There are a number of benefits that staying in the UK for your holiday has to offer, which are appealing more to holidaymakers than foreign holidays. We have taken a look at a few of these below:

  • Value for money – As previously mentioned, holidaymakers do not want to skimp on their holidays, but a staycation offers a great value for money. When compared to travelling abroad, changing of currencies, foreign travel insurance and other expenses, a UK holiday is less costly.
  • Leisurely – You can set your own pace when you holiday in the UK. A holiday abroad often has activity schedules and travel times you must stick to, but you just don’t get that with a staycation.
  • Relaxing – A holiday is meant to be a relaxing time, and that is exactly what you will get. No rushing for the airport, hoping you make your transfer, etc. With a domestic holiday, you do what you want, when you want to do it!

So if the idea of a traditional seaside holiday sounds appealing to you, why not take a look at one of our Prestatyn caravan breaks at a beachside location, and enjoy a traditional British holiday for yourself?