Top Pointers for Perfect Pooch Pics

When you’re on your vacation with us at our dog-friendly holidays, Wales, you are no doubt going to have plenty of opportunity to get some pictures of your four-legged friend that are certain to be shared with friends and family when you get home!A dog sitting behind two flower beds at Lyons Holiday Parks, North WalesSo if you are planning on capturing the best pics possible of your pooch, tail waggin’, tongue hangin’, and all, follow our top tips for success! Smile!If you want to make your pup smile, then just try this tip. Go out for a really quick sprint around a patch of grass or the living room area. Alternatively, if you have a pooch who is less easily led into a run around, toss a toy around to get them active and panting. Once you’ve done this, get them back to the place you want to take a picture, and due to the fact that your dog’s going to be panting, with a big-tongued hanging smile on their face, you’ve got the perfect picture opportunity, so get snapping! TreatsThe one thing that almost no doggy is ever going to be able to resist. This is slightly more involved than just offering a treat, so follow these steps… Get their attention and control by first giving them two or three small treats just to get them pleased and comfortable. Once they’re on board keep some more treats in-hand and near your camera as you start capturing some prime pics. Alternatively, you can opt to tape their favourite treat on to your phone or camera to capture the gazes of your pooch as they focus right in on the reward AND the lens. Be quick with this one though, they might fancy the treat sooner than you realise.  Backdrops and propsKeep the backgrounds of your pictures nice and simple, because these make the best pup pictures. You want to keep the focus on your pet, not what they’re surrounded by. A field, blank wall, or blanket are ideal spots to have your dog ‘pose’ for some snaps. If you have any colourful rugs or toys too, then make use of these as they are great for brightening up an image as well as making the main subject stand out (that’s your four-legged friend, by the way!). LevelsIt’s okay to take your pictures from above, but sometimes it’s better to get down to doggy-level to get some more interesting, varied images. Chances are they could be distracted or preoccupied with what you are doing by hovering above them if you’re stood, so if you’re sat on their level for a bit of time, they’ll start to get comfy or accustomed with you being there and the fact you have a camera in hand. Mild moodsOne of the best times for you to get that great picture is once you’ve been out for a walk or have done some exercise because they’re far more likely to be in a mild, relaxed mood, giving you the chance to get some super sleeping pooch pics or at the very least catch them lying still! And…The things to avoidWhile we can be desperate to get those awesome images of your furry friend, it is really important to remember some of the things you should avoid:

  • Avoid thrusting a lens in your pet’s face. They might want time to get used to the camera being there.
  • Avoid a full day of photoshoots! Give you and your pet a break and have some play time too, this will benefit both of you!
  • Avoid making them do things you know they don’t like such as wearing things or being in a place they don’t enjoy going to.
  • Avoid only trying one way to take pictures. If you try things, you might just capture the funniest moment with your pup.
  • Avoid overdoing it with the flash on. This is going to definitely bother your dog. Instead, take advantage of daylight photo opportunities, use high ISO, or sports mode for those ball-catching action shots!
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