Is this North Wales pub the most haunted in the UK?

There are a lot of stories regarding the paranormal in the Wales and the UK as a whole, but could the Trevor Arms in Marford, Wrexham be the most haunted pub in the UK? Visitors to the ancient village pub have claimed to have seen ghosts, whilst others say they’ve even conversed with them. One of the rooms is even said to have a “vortex” in it, possibly acting as a gateway to the “other side”. Marford is known as the “haunted village” and is said to be home to the ghost of Lady Margaret Blackbourne who was killed in 1713 by her husband George Blackbourne, the steward of the Trevalyn estate. Due to this, several homes in the village fitted cross-shaped windows which were designed to protect residents from her spirit. These windows can still be seen in the village today.The Grade II listed pub was a popular coaching inn back in its day, and had a stable block which has since been converted into a number of guest rooms. A young girl and cavalier are also said to haunt the pub, whilst a woman can be seen sitting beside a fireplace in the bar. Reports of a Victorian man with mutton chops and a leather apron has also been sighted, with one man claiming to have spoken to the spirit. The man was said to have told the ghost to leave, with the spirit replying “make me”. It is believed that this may be the spirit of a farrier to who took a horse shoe to the head and died, but did not know how to make his way to the other side. Despite of all of these reports and sightings, it hasn’t deterred visitors from visiting the pub, with many coming to try and spot something paranormal for themselves. Why not take a look at the pub for yourself next time you come and stay with us? Located just a short distance from our Ruthin caravan site, it might prove to be the perfect place to spot a spirit.

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