Northern Lights could be visible over North Wales tonight

Keep your eyes on the skies this evening, as you could well be in with a chance of witnessing the beautiful Northern Lights over North Wales tonight. Northern Lights as seen from our Wales holiday parksThe Aurora Borealis (to give it the official name) could be visible in the region thanks to strong solar winds. For the best chance of witnessing the event for yourself, it is advised to stay away from artificial light, and allow your eyes to adjust to the dark for at least 30 minutes before looking for the spectacle. The natural light show is named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for the north wind, Boreas. The name of this event was given by Galileo in 1619. The Aurora Borealis occurs when particles which have been electrically charged from the Sun enter the Earth’s atmosphere, creating one of the most beautiful natural light shows you will ever witness, with the sky being filled with greens and pinks. Let us know if you spot the Northern Lights yourself tonight, and make sure you share any photos you might get of the event on our Facebook page. I know all of us in our Wales holiday parks will be keeping our eyes on the skies tonight!

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