Watch the adorable baby rhino at Chester Zoo as it enjoys his first mud bath

Chester Zoo, just a short distance from holidays parks in North Wales, has recently released footage of their adorable baby rhino, who was born at the zoo, enjoying his first ever mud bath. Baby Rhino playing in the mud at Chester ZooThe absolute cutie, named Gabe, is just two months old and has been filmed rolling about, running, slipping and sliding in the mud with mum Ema Elsa keeping an eye on her little guy as he plays. Assistant team manager of rhinos at Chester Zoo, Kim Woods was quoted as saying: “Rhinos love nothing more than to roll around and play in fresh mud and it was great to see Gabe charge right in and enjoy getting messy.” In the wild, black rhino populations have plummeted by over 95% over the last 5 decades as a result of the increase in illegal poaching for their horns, something that is still being addressed now by authorities. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has listed the animals as critically endangered for the last 16 years, since 2000, with their numbers in the wild currently gauged at a staggeringly low 740 across Africa. However, Chester Zoo is proudly part of the fightback, being one of just a handful of institutions in the world working in conjunction with conservation organisations in Africa – including Save the Rhino International and the International Rhino Foundation – in order to cement the long-term existence of rhinos in the wild. Watch Gabe enjoying some play time here:   Video and image courtesy of Nikola Woods/YouTube

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