8 celebrities who love a caravan holiday

Did you know that in the UK, caravan holidays – including the popular destinations such as North Wales holidays – are growing in popularity, notably with people in their 20s and 30s? The staycation has never been more accessible to so many and on its day there are so many places in England and Wales that can compete with anything the continent has to offer, and all without the stress of flying too!Rio Ferdinand sat on the sofa possibly discussing his caravanning tripsThe wonderful thing about the caravan holiday is that it really is for everyone, and there’s proof in the pudding, when you realise that there eight celebrities enjoy a caravanning break like the rest of us! Danny DyerDanny Dyer close up outside Upton ParkHilton1949 The on screen hard man is the first on our list, and when reminiscing about his younger days on caravanning holidays Danny said: “One of my best holidays as a kid was when my mum and dad used to take me and my brother to Canvey Island in Essex every year to a caravan. It was half an hour down the road from where we lived in East London. I’d be so excited! There wasn’t much there – just an arcade. We’d walk down to the sea wall and that was about it. All my mates were going abroad but I had the best times of my life there.” Rio FerdinandWeb Summit Rio has made no qualms about letting people know that in 2009 he chose to pass up on the stereotypical premier league footballer’s holiday in an exclusive location, costing an absolute fortune, and instead opted for a staycation with his wife and children at a holiday park in Prestatyn, North Wales. Talking about his holiday experiences Rio said: “When I was a kid I used to love going to the seaside in a caravan with my family,” “So rather than go down south where I used to go we popped over to North Wales and stayed in a caravan park. Me, the wife and kids and her sister, husband and kids.” He added: “I took my kids on the go-karts and we had a good time.” Lorraine KellyPublic Domain Image One of the country’s favourite daytime TV presenter’s Lorraine Kelly has declared herself as a self-confessed caravan enthusiast, so much so that she is a member of the Caravan Club. When talking about her love for a caravan holidays Lorraine said: “The great thing about going round in a caravan is that you see so much more. It’s the freedom of the open road which really attracts me” she said. Dame Helen MirrenAngela George Joining Lorraine Kelly on the Caravan Club members list is none other than Dame Helen Mirren who says her enjoyment of a good caravan break is because it allows her to “get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and simply have a bit of down time with her nearest and dearest.” We couldn’t agree more Dame Helen! Bonnie TylerBazsi888 One of our home-grown talents, Bonnie Tyler said: “My dad was a coal-miner and my mum was a housewife. I was one of six children, growing up on the Welsh coast, so my early childhood holidays consisted of caravan breaks at one of the nearby beaches like Happy Valley or Trecco Bay, Porthcawl, in South Wales. I loved clambering over the rocks, collecting shells, and in the evening there was a dance hall we’d go to. I never used to dance. I’d just sit by the side and watch the adults.” These are just some of the exciting things that you can do here in North Wales with us here at Lyons, with the coastline so close to many of our parks, and you don’t have to dance either, if you don’t want to! Helen Baxendale Public Domain Image Known largely for her role as Ross’s fiancé, Emily, in hit US sitcom Friends, Helen is a devoted lover of the caravan holiday, saying: “I stay in so many hotels when I’m working that I never stay in them on holiday: they make me feel locked in. I much prefer camping or a caravan. What do you need for a perfect holiday? A camper van and the open road. I just love the feeling of ‘We’re off!’ I had a lot of caravanning holidays when I was young with my parents and have very happy memories, and this is me trying to replicate that.” Frank BrunoINTERPOL/YouTube Arguably one of Britain’s most well-known boxers, also known for his entertaining laugh, the ex-fighter showed his adoration for caravanning holidays when he reportedly went shopping for his very own abode. He was said to have bought a luxury Ambleside Premier static caravan, that gave Frank two bedrooms, a walk-in wardrobe and central heating at a cost of almost £54,000. Steve McFaddenPam – Flickr We started the list with EastEnders latest hard man, and now we’re finishing with one of the most infamous one in the form of actor Steve McFadden, or as many will know him, Phil Mitchell. When he’s not playing the bad guy, Steve likes to head off on caravan breaks, having been caravanning for nearly some 15 years. Other EastEnders cast members to have a penchant for the holiday home caravan get away are Patsy Palmer and Adam Woodyatt, or as many still refer to them, Bianca Jackson and Ian Beale. So the next time you’re here with us enjoying your own holiday in North Wales, you never know who you might bump into!  All images under Creative Commons License.

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