Today is National Mario Day! Anyone for Mario Kart?!

Today is officially National Mario Day, which is observed annually on March 10th in honour of the famous animated plumber come action hero, Mario, made famous of course, from the long-standing Nintendo game.So if you only let your children play one hour of computer games a night, point them in the direction of the array of Mario games available on various games consoles. Today is the National Day due to the appearance of the date – MAR 10 – as it’s abbreviated. Get it? Did you know?

  • Mario, the Italian plumber, was first introduced to the world when he featured in Donkey Kong, in 1981
  •  33 years ago, in 1983, Mario got his very own game and was joined by his brother, Luigi.
  • More than 210 million copies of the Mario game series have been purchased worldwide.
  • Mario is recognised globally as being the biggest, most famous video game character to have ever been created.

So all you need to do to is have some fun with friends and family playing video games (preferably Mario-based games). Use the hashtag #NationalMarioDay to post on social media, and send the team here at our North Wales Holiday Parks your pictures of you playing!

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