Northern Lights shower North Wales with spectrum of light

Sunday evening saw photographers and keen star-gazers took their gazes to the skies in North Wales when they were treated to what is undeniably going down as one of the most outstanding auroras in recent times.The Northern Lights as seen near Lyons Holiday ParksThe Northern Lights were well and truly out and on top form last night, presenting an unmissable chance for amateur and professional photographers to get their own memorabilia of one of the world’s most breath-taking natural phenomenon. We can thank the sights of the Aurora Borealis on electrically-charged particles emitted from the Sun travel towards Earth and enter our atmosphere. Speaking about the last night’s visual spectacular, the Met Office’s space weather adviser, Amanda Townsend, said: “Once in a while the solar winds are enhanced to levels stronger than normal, with particles at higher speeds, and on this occasion it has connected really well with the Earth’s magnetic field.” Did you capture last night’s events? Perhaps you were enjoying Wales holidays finest locations and saw the natural phenomenon while you were here. If so, we’d love to see your pictures. Comment on our Facebook page so we can see your amazing pictures!

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