VIDEO: Tim Peake shares breathtaking time-lapse video shows North Wales from space

Tim Peake has become quite the celebrity recently, after becoming the first British astronaut to go to the International Space Station. He’s been a busy man up in space, and one thing that he has done for the people of Earth is share some sensational footage of North Wales in his latest time-lapse video.  The amazing recording released by Major Peake shows the UK and Northern Europe lit-up by street lights from the astronaut’s exclusive vantage point. Major Peake, who boosted off into space in conjunction with an on-going six-month mission, shared the footage, saying: “A time-lapse flight over UK and Northern Europe. I try to wave every time I can.” The 43-year-old has been regularly posting updates of his journey since taking off from Kazakhstan for the ISS last year. Are you able to see holiday homes for sale, Conwy from the video? Perhaps that’s a little far-fetched, so why not have a look at our new brochure and see what takes your fancy?  Image and video courtesy of YouTube under Creative Commons.

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