Five unusual dog facts to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day

They say a dog is man’s best friend and we are more than happy to accommodate your four-legged friend on one of our dog friendly holidays! Wales can be a perfect place for you to bring your pooch, especially on National Love Your Pet Day, which falls on Saturday 20th February.Take a look at our five unusual dog facts below; how many of these did you know? A dog has its own “fingerprint” Believe it or not, our furry friends have a unique “fingertip” style print which can be used to identify them. However, it isn’t found on their paws (these are actually pretty generic) but on the tip of their noses! Dogs can actually see in colour It is a common myth that dogs can only see in black and white, but they can actually see colours, just not as vividly as their human counterparts. They only have two cones in their eyes to detect colours, where as humans have three. This means that dogs can see colours on the blue and yellow scale, but cannot differentiate between red and green. They do, on the other hand, have much better night vision than humans. Dogs can fall in love The idea that dogs can fall in love was first suggest by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, who wrote The Social Lives of Dogs. She believed two dogs called Sundog and Bean were the canine Romeo and Juliet, kept apart because their owners didn’t want to give them up. This may sound like the plot of a Disney film, but a professor at Claremont Graduate University in California, Paul Zak, found that a dog’s brain releases a hormone called oxytocin (the love hormone) when it interacts with humans and dogs, just as the human brain does when we kiss or hug. Dogs don’t feel guilt While it is true that your dog may have feelings of jealousy, researchers found that those “puppy dog eyes” are not a sign of guilt, but they are just the way us humans interpret a dog’s reaction to being told off. Alexandra Horowitz from Barnard College in New York found that all dogs have this look of “guilt” after being told off for eating something they shouldn’t have, and those who were wrongly accused often looked more “guilty” than those who actually deserved to be told off… We love a photo with our dogs For those of you who love taking photos, 58% of people’s holiday photos includes their faithful companion. Make sure you bring your camera with you next time you visit us in North Wales. Bonus: Corgi is Welsh for “dwarf dog”. How could we not include that one? Be sure to spoil your four-legged friend or any other pets you may have on Saturday, and celebrate National Love Your Pet Day!

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