Nearly half of this town in North Wales speak Welsh on a daily basis

Nearly fifty percent of the residents in Wrexham, not far from our North Wales Holiday Parks, who participated in a recent survey on language were recorded as saying they spoke Welsh on a daily basis.Sign at the Welsh/English border at Holt, near Lyons Holiday ParksThe survey, conducted by Wrexham Council, was carried out in order to gauge the needs and habits of its Welsh-speaking residents. The main reason for carrying out the study was to help the Council when they update/improve their bilingual service. The results of the research revealed that a total of 49 percent of respondents said they used Welsh daily, which might come as a surprise to some people. Additionally, people were also asked to record a number of things that would boost the likelihood of them speaking in Welsh when corresponding with the authority. Two of the most popular suggestions included providing Welsh-speaking staff members with badges to highlight the fact that they speak the language, as well as continuing to provide free Welsh language lessons to their employees. The results of the survey will now be used to assist in the development of its bilingual services. Do you like to try your hand at Welsh when you visit? If you do, why not try your hand at trying to pronounce the sayings included in this article:!Five-Welsh-sayings-that-show-Wales-at-its-best/ck7p/56a790950cf215a9bb98cd48 Image: Richard Slessor under Creative Commons.

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