Six kissing facts to get you in the mood for the day dedicated to love!

It doesn’t matter how young or old, whether we’re in a Ruthin Caravan Park, or at home, we all feel better when we’ve had a kiss from our loved ones.   The kisses can come before tucking your children into bed at night, from a friend on the cheek at the end of a fun evening at dinner or an emotional lip lock on your wedding day. Either way, kissing is a lovely thing to do. So with Valentine’s Day only a matter of days away we thought we’d give you some facts about canoodling to enjoy at your leisure.It Saves Lives During the 1980’s a well-documented study was published that found men who made sure they kissed their wives before heading off to work lived longer. Also, rather strangely, the study found that these men also got into fewer car accidents, and just to make it even stranger, the wife-kissing men had a higher income than married men who didn’t kiss their wives before leaving for work. Kissing Yourself Healthy Apart from the feel good factor, several studies reveal that kissing can in fact help to keep us all healthy. By swapping mouth bacteria, our immune systems are enhanced. There’s also the fact that extra saliva made during the act of kissing washes out dangerous bacteria. Thirdly, the raised heartbeat from kissing causes blood vessels to dilate, which lowers blood pressure. It’s Good Exercise A total of 146 muscles involved in the process of kissing! This includes 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles. A little extra sliver of information for you; did you know that kissing for just one minute burns 26 calories? Left or Right? Two out of three people will tilt their heads to the right when kissing, according to a research study. A scientist from Germany examined 124 pairs of kissing couples and found that 65% go toward the right as they move in for the kiss, almost in synchronisation. Chemistry Lesson When you kiss someone the same chemical messengers in the brain as the ones that are let loose in the body when you’re doing some form of intense exercise are released. Stress Less and Feel Safe Kissing lowers your levels of stress hormone cortisol, over time, giving you that feeling of being all safe and secure. The longer the time you’ve been with someone, the greater the decline in stress too. (Some married couples may argue that last point!)

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