Welsh dragon discovered after 200 million years on beach

Yes, that’s right, a newly discovered 200 million-year-old flesh-eating dinosaur was found here in Wales, what’s more, it’s thought to be the oldest from the Jurassic era to have been discovered in Britain, ever! A T. rex in a museum, cousin of the Welsh dragon found near Lyons Holiday Parks This carnivorous dinosaur is thought to be the nearest that palaeontologists have ever come to classifying a genuine, real life dragon. The dinosaur belongs to the theropod group, which means it is a distant relation to the most famous of all the dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus rex. This recent discovery is a completely new species that was previously unknown to scientists, which of course, makes the discovery all the more exciting. The official name of the Welsh dinosaur is Dracoraptor hanigani. This little guy walked on two legs with a long tail, and fed off of small mammals, lizards, and host of other reptiles. The discovered dinosaur is considered to have died as a juvenile, and was around 50cm tall, 30cm off the full size it’s thought to have been able to grow to. This predator lived near the sea, enjoying the more Mediterranean-esque climate in Wales at the time, and most of its body would have been covered in feathery down with quills along its back. So the next time you’re walking on the beaches near our Wales holiday parks keep your eyes peeled, you never know what you might find! Image: ScottRobertAnselmo under Creative Commons.