Five Reasons Your Dog Should Go on Holiday With You

Many people will have had to of weighed up whether to take their four-legged friend away with them on holiday and while some will choose to go away without their pooch, there are an awful lot of people who will choose holidays that allow them to take their pet with them, such as our holiday parks in North Wales.

Puppy on holiday in Wales

If you are one of the people who are in limbo, we have a list of great reasons to take your dog away with you on a holiday:

You’ll be keeping the family together

Taking your doggy with you clears up one big worry that everyone experiences – you’re most certainly not going to miss them when you leave. The feeling that your dog is a family member is a strong one with a lot of people, so with that thought in mind, why should the family go away minus a member when they do go on holiday?

Save on kennel costs

If you’ve looked into them, you will know that having your dogs in kennels for a week while you clear off for your break can set you back a fair whack. You can avoid these costs and spend the saved money on your holiday by taking the pooch with you.

Having the dog with you will help you relax

Chances are that you’ll be driving to us here in North Wales. If you’ve got the dog with you, you’ll find yourself stopping more often so your four-legged pal can stretch their legs and get a spot of food and water. So when you do, there’s no better way to take advantage of a break in travel than to take in the surroundings that are close to the location you’re staying. After all, you might want to go back and do a little more exploring!

It’s a weight off your mind

Just admit it, if you left the dog behind you wouldn’t be able to fully relax and unwind. Give yourself the best chance to totally chill out during your stay just by having the family pet with you.

Pets can help relax other family members as well

If you have someone in the family going away with you, perhaps a young child, who is nervous about going away, you can easily put them at ease by having the comforting presence of the family pet with you.

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