A handful of New Year resolutions for the holiday home lover

Wikipedia describes a New Year’s resolution as a tradition, most common in the Western world, in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice, such as opening doors for people beginning from New Year’s Day. So when it comes to enjoying a holiday, are there any resolutions you have in mind for 2016? Caravan sales, North Wales are an ideal opportunity for you to acquire your very own holiday home that could change the way you holiday for many years to come. However, this is just one idea, so why not look at the other ideas we have for you below?The age-old classic resolutions that large quantities of people attempt include spending less, eating less, exercising more and getting out more, but we’ve got some more holiday home-specific ones for you, here: 1. For people who are lovers of holiday home/caravan breaks, if you add some resolutions, you might find it helps you benefit from your travelling experience. 2. If you’re a bit forgetful and forget to lock up your property, it might be worth considering making sure that you keep your caravan more secure for 2016? Always locking the door and storing the key in a safe place when not in use would be a good start. 3. Set yourself up with a cleaning regime. We’re not suggesting that you start scrubbing as soon as you arrive for your break, but if you visit your holiday home a few times in the year, why not set aside a day each time to get your caravan looking just so? There’s nothing wrong with having the shiniest abode on-site! 4. Use your caravan holiday to enjoy a new experience. This could be something as simple as trying a local delicacy, or trying to learn a bit of Welsh (this might be a bit harder than eating!). 5. Set yourself a bucket list of locations and/or landmarks in the local area surrounding your holiday home and every time you visit them you can cross them off the list. It’s a great way to experience things you possibly wouldn’t have before. 6. Last but definitely not least, make sure using your caravan is on your resolutions list! Caravans are there to let you explore, so make sure that you do. Don’t let the fun times go to waste!  Did you know, we’re celebrating 90 years of making happy holiday memories this year. Book your stay today and celebrate with us. We are North Wales’ leading holiday park operator,with eight stunning parks throughout the north of Wales. Holiday home ownership in North Wales is more affordable than ever with Lyons Holiday Parks. Your new lifestyle starts here… don’t delay, call us today!

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