Making the most of your holidays; here is how to do it

Holidays, and in particular breaks at our Wales Holiday Parks can be the cure in helping to alleviate stress from your life by getting you away from the daily grind, day-to-day routine, as well as all the things associated with general life. But when you come to stay with us here at Lyons, all those stresses and the strife can disappear as our parks offer you a wonderful way to escape the norm, head for some true relaxation, and make some memories with all the family!A pair of legs with feet up resting in North Wales with Lyons Holiday Parks

If you’re wondering how you can take advantage of a holiday that can de-stress, unwind and have the well-earned benefits you surely deserve then we have some great tips for you. Step this way to discover the answers: Have a holiday that fits your style Take a moment to think about what you like to do, not what you think you should do. Some people enjoy the adventurous, thrill-seeking kind of breaks, whereas others love nothing more than chill out, enjoying the surroundings, or local shops, food and drinks on offer. Fortunately, here in North Wales you have the best of it all, as you can pretty much find most things to do that will keep you suitably pleased on your vacation. What we’re saying is, if the holiday doesn’t fit your style, it may increase, not lower stress. So take a look at our impeccable locations and see what we can do for you. Take a break during major holidays When we say take a break during the major holidays, we mean going away at times such as Christmas, Easter and the summer holidays. This is a time when many people are away and the workload is usually lighter, so you’re less worried about work piling up while you’re away. It’s also a period when the thought of things you need to do with your time off can replace your job load, so clear the calendar, head for a vacation and put your feet up! Take a few mini vacations Another good way to break up the year is to enjoy a few smaller holidays, such as long weekends, simply to help to raise your overall contentment when things might be a bit much in work, for example. This way, you’ll be nice and rejuvenated thanks to a stay at your luxury caravan with us here in North Wales, surrounded by friendly faces. Take a buffer around your holiday If you can, why not try taking a little buffer around your holiday? If you have a day off prior to actually heading to your holiday destination and again when you’ve returned, then you’re not leaving stressed, or dealing with the thought of work looming large on your last day. This is a great way to make sure you maximise your time away as you won’t be unpacking and packing when you could be enjoying a walk, glass of wine, or cold beer. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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