Nine places in Wales with not one English vowel

Here in Wales, there’s definitely one thing that we are known for, besides our picturesque coastline, wonderful family attractions, superb hospitality and second to none North Wales holiday parks, it’s having Welsh place names lacking a lot of English vowels! From Cwmystwyt to Ysbyty Ystwyth, Wales has a whole host of towns and villages without those essential five letters in the English language that keep things working correctly. On the contrary, if you lived in Wales or know Welsh, you would know that these place names are packed with vowels, they just aren’t the ones used in the English language. Still, this is of no use for the day-to-day tourist visiting the various appealing locations around this beautiful country of ours now, is it? So with our English neighbours in mind, we thought we’d list nine of the most perplexing place names Wales can serve up. We’d advise our English friends to not spend all day trying to say these places, but we have provided a breakdown of how to say them, if you wanted to try! 1. Place: CwmystwytPronounced: Cwm-uss-twith 2. Place: Ysbyty YstwythPronounced: Uss-butty Uss-twith 3. Place: RhydymwynPronounced: Ree-duh-moin 4. Place: TywynPronounced: Tuh-winn 5. Place: MwntPronounced: Munt (like hunt) 6. Place: Ysbyty CynfynPronounced: Uss-butty Cun-vin 7. Place: BwlchgwynPronounced: Bull-ch-gwin 8. Place: PlwmpPronounced: Plump 9. Place: YnysybwlPronounced: Un-niss-uh-bull

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