Atlantic Bonito caught in North Welsh waters a LONG way from home!

If you like eating fish, or fish in general, you’ll no doubt have heard of the Atlantic Bonito. Well now, in a rather bizarre tale, this exotic game fish has been caught off North Welsh shores- several hundreds of miles away from its natural living waters.The exotic powerhouse has affectionately been named “Trevor” because he was caught off Trefor on the Llyn Peninsula. He would normally have been found in the warmer Mediterranean waters, and his breed can also be seen as far afield as Mexico, the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea, so he really did get lost, somewhere along the line! The three-and-a-half-pound fish is alleged to be the very first of its species to venture into Welsh waters, that we are aware of. The lucky and surprised angler responsible for the unusual catch was Danny Copeland, who landed the disorientated fishy on Sunday, October 25th. He took Trevor to fishmonger Wayne Jones, manager of Mermaid Seafoods, Llandudno, to see what he made of it all, and he confirmed the breed of fish, which is similar to a tuna. A spokesman for Natural Resources Wales, said: “We have spoken with a marine expert who was fairly confident that this is one of the first of this type caught off the North Wales coast. “It is very uncommon for these exotic fish to travel there but it probably came up with the tidal stream. “We obviously can’t definitively say why it came here, whether there are more of them or if it was just one fish which went too far north.” Our Winkups Holiday Park in North Wales is located a short distance from Llandudno, so if you fancied trying to catch the next Trevor, you know where to go! Image: Mares e Oceanos under Creative Commons.

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