5 helpful hints when it comes to buying a static caravan

You might be deliberating, or you may have gotten to the stage where you are ready to make a purchase on a static caravan. Either way, it’s a good idea to consider the points we have raised for you in our feature to help you make the right choice and ensure you have many exciting holidays for years to come!Why are you buying a holiday home? A static caravan provides you with a wonderful place to get away from things and enjoy the quality relaxation time that they so often offer their owners. It’s like a home from home, and while you cannot use your holiday home all year round, meaning you cannot use it as your main residence, you can usually stay in a Park for around 10.5 months a year. You have the perfect place to make some unforgettable memories and you’ll treasure your time at the Park time and time again. Know your budget It’s important to set yourself a manageable budget so that you’re not aiming outside your limits. Will you be using savings or taking advantage of our finance options when it comes to making the purchase of your new holiday home in one of our Caravan Parks?You’re better off making the decision early on in the process. What are your annual running costs? Once you have decided on your static caravan, for Wales holidays with a difference, you will need to consider the annual running costs, such as pitch fees, insurance, gas and electric. Take into account that you’ll need to get yourself essentials for the kitchen, cooking utensils, cutlery, crockery, kettle, etc. you may choose to bring these things from home, but if you forget them you’ll only have to go out and buy them anyway, so why not save yourself the hassle? Picking the size for youYou can choose from static caravans in a wide range sizes, including various lengths and widths, in order to accommodate people looking to buy as a couple up to those looking to have the whole family enjoy a break in the holiday home of your choice. Which Park will you choose? We have a range of parks across North Wales for you to choose from, in some of the most spectacular, picturesque coastal locations in the country, and we’re sure you’ll have hard time which one you like the most! Consider which park suits you best in terms of immediate location to your house, or whether you prefer site amenities over surrounding area offerings such as coastal walks and beaches for example.

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