How to carve the best pumpkin Halloween has ever seen in 7 steps

Halloween is just over two weeks away and no doubt the little ones will want to get the pumpkins ready. So whether you’re at home or at caravan holiday parks, Conwy, we have an easy, 7 step guide to creating the best pumpkin Halloween has ever seen!Tools you’ll need

  • A sharp knife
  • A large spoon
  • Paper/Sellotape
  • A small nail

Method 1. Pumpkin picking Make sure you have a nicely sized, evenly rounded pumpkin. Bear in mind that while the wonky ‘alternative’ pumpkins might well look eccentric, but they’re not good to carve with and are rather awkward. Pick a fresh one without blemishes too, that way you’ll get one that’ll keep. 2. Here we go! Cut off the top carefully using your sharp knife. If you happen to have a serrated blade to hand, then go with that one as they tend to work best. You need to make sure you cut a crown that is wide enough, creating a large enough space to remove the insides with ease. 3. Hollowing out time Take your large spoon and get rid of all the pulpy, seedy stuff inside, and while you’re in there, try and scrape away some of the flesh on the walls. You want to do this to ensure you have some nice thin walls that are only an inch or so thick. This way you’ll have no trouble carving, and you’ll let more light will shine through. 4. Design time You might trust your carving skills, but just hang on a sec! Use a marker pen and draw your design onto the pumpkin first of all. If you’re creating the best pumpkin Halloween has ever seen, then you’ll draw on a paper template and then tape the template onto the pumpkin. Now it’s time to use your nail or sharp pointed tool to poke holes around the design. Once you’ve done this you can remove the paper stencil.*If you want some ideas for stencils you can find a catalogue of them here. 5. Carve with care Use your sharp, serrated knife to then cut out your design that’s been perforated with the nail. Start the process at the centre and steadily work outwards. 6. Top tip You can stop the areas newly exposed areas turning brown by rubbing some Vaseline on. 7. And finally… It’s time to light your creation up. Put the candle in a small glass, if you’re using a non-electric candle, of course. And don’t place the lid back on fully, just leave it ajar slightly so that the smoke can escape. You can, as another option, cut yourself a small hole in the lid to act as an escape for the smoke created. Handy Tips

  • Place down some newspaper to stop a mess being made.
  • If you’re a novice, don’t set your sights too high. After all, by keeping it simple, you can still create an impressive design.
  • Straight lines are more convenient to carve, so consider changing circles for triangles, for example.
  • Sure up the base if it’s unsteady by sawing the bottom level as well as the top.

Image: Matthew Gordon under Creative Commons.

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