Tyrannosaurus Wrexham: can the infamous dinosaur trace its family tree back to Wales?

Have you ever stopped to consider where the infamous king of the dinosaurs originated? Remains of foot bones belonging to one of T-rex’s earliest ancestors was recently discovered on a Welsh beach. A palaeontology student by the name of Sam Davies’ saw his academic career get a few gold stars when he unearthed the findings while searching for fossils on Lavernock Beach, near Penarth, South Wales. Student Sam, who’s currently in his third year at the University of Portsmouth, said: “It was pure luck that I found it. It was just sitting on top of a slab of rock. It was obvious the fossil was fingers or toes, because there were three in a row, but the first thing that came to mind was that it was some sort of plesiosaur.” Plesiosaurs, which came 145 million years prior to the arrival of the T-rex, for anyone not as up to speed on the Mesozoic era as Sam, were marine reptiles with long necks. Thrillingly, experts who scrutinised the foot with their inspections to figure out what the details were for the findings concluded that it belonged to the same theropod dinosaur whose skeleton had previously been uncovered following the falling of a cliff at the beach last year. Thankfully these dinosaurs won’t be interrupting you shopping for static caravans for sale in Wales! This particular dinosaur hasn’t been around for a while, in fact, it lived around 200 million years ago and was a lower scale version of the well-known T-rex, with experts stating it was probably only 50 centimetres tall, and sported blade-like, serrated teeth. Excitingly, it is also quite possibly the oldest dinosaur discovered from the Jurassic Period ever to be found in the whole world. Image: Greg under Creative Commons.

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