11 exceptional ways to celebrate National Dog Day!

August 26 is the day that marks National Dog Day, a yearly celebration thought up by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, Colleen Paige, in 2004.

This annual event was originally established in order to assist in the galvanisation of the public and the understanding and appreciation that dogs deserve for the remarkable things they do on a daily basis as well as raising awareness about incredible number of dogs that require rescuing on a yearly basis. We mustn’t forget the significant role dogs have in the lives of families in general, and it goes without saying that we need to recognise the special efforts from dogs who have been trained to work each and every day, keep people safe, save lives, and give unconditional comfort. Here are a great list of ways in which you can celebrate all things doggy:

  • Take your four-legged friend on holiday with you. And if you take advantage of our caravan sales in North Wales you can bring the faithful companion along to Wales too!


  • Why not donate some toys, food, and blankets, to your local dogs trust?


  • Have a National Dog Day party at your house, invite all your dog-loving friends and their dogs too!


  • As if you don’t already… spend the day snapping photos of your pooch and then share them on social media sites for all the other dog lovers to enjoy.


  • You could help out an elderly neighbour by walking their dog when you take yours out.


  • Save up and have a portrait done of your faithful companion so that they can be immortalised and celebrated forever.


  • Purchase your dog a fresh new doggy toy, or some treats.


  • Give the pooch a good bath and brush so they’re looking their best for their special day!


  • If they’re still keen, you could teach your dog a new trick to show off to your friends.


  • Why not treat them to a brand new collar and leash?


  • If the weather permits then you can head on down to the beach so you can all enjoy the sea air!

Wilson the dog loving life on National Dog Day at a Lyons Holiday Park

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