More and more Brits are choosing to buy local holiday homes

A staggering statistic has shown that more Brits are choosing to buy a static caravan in Britain and have a staycation than those buying holiday homes abroad. Recent research shows that there has been a dramatic drop in Brits buying holiday homes abroad of a staggering 80%. It seems that we no longer feel the need to splash out on a lavish holiday abroad when there is so much available closer to home. Cornwall currently sits at the top of the chart for the most popular holiday homes with 6%, however Wales comes in at a close second with 4.7%, with over 165,000 homes across the two listed as holiday homes. With a 56% increase in people buying holiday caravans and lodges instead, in combination with the rise of glamping holidays and the staycation growing in popularity, Wales is welcoming a higher amount of holiday home buyers with open arms to experience the wonders of Wales.Many people have opted to stay closer to home, reducing hassle, costs and travel time. It is great to see that the locals are embracing their surrounding area and supporting the local businesses with their staycations and holiday homes! The people of Wales confessed that they were more likely to get away to use their holiday home with it being located closer, either for a short mini break or longer holidays throughout the year, getting much more use out of their investment than if they had spent on overseas. 42% of Welsh holiday home owners admitted that their holiday home was a static caravan with a further 17% owning holiday lodges. With such beautiful countryside and wildlife, Wales is a fantastic holiday location, so why pay to go abroad when you can have so much right on your doorstep?If you are considering either investing in a holiday home or caravanning holiday, why not try out our Ruthin caravan sites located in Wales?

Caravanning holidays on the rise, with Wales as the second best caravanning destination

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